• Petur Redbird

    Petur Redbird
    Primary Roles: Production Manager, Stage Manager,

    Able to travel? Yes

    Company: Independent Contractor

    Reach out: peturredbird@me.com

    Last Events Worked: 2016 Global Dance Festival, 2016 Voodoo Fest, 2016 Sonic Boom Fest

    Based In: Mesa, AZ

    Social Media Links and Bio:

    Petur Soback Redbird was born into the Bird Clan and Mekusekey Band of the Oklahoma Seminole Nation. Petur’s mothers’ Seminole family is from Wewoka and Sasakwa Oklahoma and his mothers’ Creek family is from Muskogee and Eufaula Oklahoma. Petur’s fathers’ family is German – American.

    Petur has been involved with the production of special events for over 13 years and has worked in almost every position and level of pre-production , production , and post production. In the last several years he has focused his skill set on stage and production management with large music festivals. While maintaining his heavy equipment operators license and always updating his production skill set , Petur has developed a unique style of stage and production management. Petur’s production career started as a volunteer to push , move , and unload cases at various concerts and theatre’s. Once any type of training was offered Petur signed up for and completed the training needed to move up ward in the stage and production field. Petur has completed Class – 1 rigging training , stage electrical , stage lighting , stage audio , stage carpentry as well as crew and labour management.

    Passport / Global Entry card ready and past European tours and Events

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