Lighting Guide

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Quick Jump: Light Fixtures – Hazers / Foggers – Lasers – Consoles – Examples of Lighting Plots
  • Stage Lighting
      • PAR Cans – parabolic aluminized reflector light is a sealed beam lamp (like a car headlight), and the housing (including the lamp, color gel, and any external hardware) is called a PAR Can. These lights are very common for indoor and outdoor stage lighting, but have recently become less popular due to the advent of LED lighting that can accomplish virtually the same task with a fraction of the power consumption. 

      • 20140515152712_RUSHPAR2RGBWZoomLED Lighting – becoming more common as the available color spectrum, luminosity, and versatility of these new kinds of lights grow.  Many artists are replacing their conventional PAR Cans with LED Cans to save on power needs as well as the added safety of not having blistering hot lamps (LEDs run cool).

      • 20140715120722_macviperairfxMoving / Intelligent lighting – virtually every mid to large scale stage production will have these kinds of lights, which offer a wide variety of attributes to refine movement, control iris size, change gobos, and mix in different colors and patterns. They often come with a fixture body wrapped in an automated, programmable yoke.  

      • 20120731224449_1275 copyFollow spots – also called spotlights, these are large lights that provide focus and/or highlight a performer or an area of the stage.   For larger events, many artist will require anywhere from 2 to 8 follow spots to compliment their onstage lighting.

      • s-70Hazers and foggers – machines used to create atmospheric effects and to allow beams of light to be seen more intensely.   They are either droplet generators or particulate generators, which disperse fine droplets of oil or a water mix to catch, reflect, or diffract any light that comes into contact with it.   For indoor events, you must make sure to understand the fire alarm system as many newer systems are sensitive enough to be set off by these machines.   Many indoor venues will require a Fire Watch – paying a local Fire Marshall to observe the event and place the fire alarm on bypass mode – for the duration of your event to keep in line with fire safety regulations.
    • Conventional – PAR Cans
    • LED Cans and bars
    • Intelligent / Movers
    • Lekos / Specials
    • Strobes
    • Foggers / Hazers
    • Floor Packages
    • Flown Packages
    • Lighting Consoles
      • Grand MA, Hog, Pearl, etc. 
  • Theatrical / Convention Lighting
    • Special lights for theatrical / conventions
  • Other Kinds of Lighting
    • Follow Spots
    • Site Lighting – Airstars, etc
phish-hamptonPhish in Hampton, VA, with LD Chris Kuroda utilizing the Grand MA 2 Consoles Photo courtesy of AZN Pics