Backline Guide

Basic Outline – Full Page Coming Soon:
  • Description of everything backline entails
    • Band gear
    • Related equipment that enables bands to play the show they envision
  • Examples
    • Guitars, keyboards, drums, amps, microphones, stands, risers, fans
  • When it makes sense to utilize backline
    • Festivals with multiple bands – having bands all share, for example, a drum kit, will help facilitate quicker set changes
    • Fly-in date – when bands are flying in and aren’t carrying their usual amount of production / backline
  • When it makes sense to require bands to provide their own backline
    • Routed dates – when they are carrying all of their gear
    • Budget – if the event can’t afford to pay for having backline available
    • Long set change times – if a festival has ample time in between sets, it may be feasible to allow each band to use their own gear
  • When to negotiate backline terms
    • Upfront, during the initial talent buying process.   It should be very specific as to what the band is bringing and what the event is providing, so there are no misunderstandings later on.
A semi trailer full of backline