Video Guide

Basic Outline – Full Page Coming Soon:
  • Types of Video Options available
    • LED Walls
      • LED (light emitting diode) walls are very modular and can be built to almost any dimension you may need.  
        • LED Walls have some specific attributes and terms:
          • nits 
          • dot pitch 
          • brightness
          • resolution
      • LED Walls are normally meant for outdoor usage due to their ability to be seen in direct sunlight. 
    • Projection Screens
      • Projection screens and projectors have come a long way in terms of being able to be used outdoors, and in very small areas.  
        • Projectors have some specific attributes and terms:
          • lumens
      • You would normally prefer to use a projection screen when the budget can’t call for an LED wall, and/or it’s not too bright for the content to be washed out.   
  • Types of Video Production
    • iMAG – stands for image magnification – this is the standard for live video broadcasting
    • Various terms for video production
      • switcher
      • dolly
      • jib
    • Various ways to produce a video signal – SDI, HDMI, etc 
  • Types of Video / Streaming
    • What sort of bandwidth needs, video setup,  and requirements from the performer are needed to make a successful live video stream?
    • Refer to future article about streaming options and best practices
  • Other Elements to Consider:
    • Proper size given the event and expected attendance – what’s a good dimension (and resolution) for 5,000 people vs 20,000 people
    • Power needs – how to best tie in, how much power do a few examples of LED walls draw
    • How to deal with syncing audio / video so there isn’t any delay
    • Tying in with the video team – what do they need to properly advance the show?
Inside the Mobile Video Production Trailer at Let Freedom Ring