Kid’s Area Guide

Every great festival also features a kid’s area; some festivals are even known for the strength of theirs (such as Kidsapalooza in Chicago, Flagstaff Hullabaloo in Arizona, and Austin Kiddie Limits in Texas).  And it’s not just rides and games – many kid’s areas feature hands-on learning, up and coming young bands, and other unique interactive elements to keep the little ones entertained.  

Puppets at Flagstaff Hullabaloo 
If you wish to make your festival family-friendly, the following is a general guide for what you should consider including:

  • Type of activities that work best with kids
    • favs-NEW-409Interactive elements
      • Temporary Tattoos
      • Hairdos
      • T-shirt printing
      • Parades
      • Hip Hop Recordings
      • Art walls / murals
    • Giveaways – healthy food, drinks, toys, apparel
    • kiddie-drums
      Social playscapes / hands on learning
      • Drum circles
      • Lego pits
      • musical instrument petting zoos
    • Rides
      • Bouncy Houses
      • Carnival-style Rides
    • Storytime with well-known artists doing the reading
    • bungee trampolineKid Competitions
      • Egg toss
      • Fun runs / walks
      • Costume Contest
      • Karaoke
  • Having a good variety of options from toddlers to teens
  • Booking the right kind of talent / what keeps their attention
    • School of Rock
    • Bands with props for younger kids
    • Bands fronted by teens
    • DJs that cater to children
    • Puppets / kid’s theater
  • Have special areas with:
    • Family restrooms
    • Breastfeeding –friendly zones (if required)
    • Diaper changing stations
    • Shaded areas
    • Misting / Cool down zones
    • Kiddie pools / splash pads
  • Questions to consider:
    • What sort of budget should be considered?
    • How much overt sponsorship is acceptable?
    • What age should kids be free?
    • What are the best hours of operation given the rest of the festival’s hours?
    • How do you deal with potential hazards / injuries / liability?
    • What sort of marketing should there be?

The bouncy house area at Flagstaff Hullabaloo