• Daniel Hill

    Dan Hill
    Primary Roles: Operations Manager, Project Manager, Logistics Manager, Site Manager, Site Ops Lead, Staffing/Admin,

    Able to travel? Yes

    Company: Independent Contrator
    United States

    Reach out: DanHill.Operations@gmail.com

    Last Events Worked: Mountain Home Country Music Festival (x4), Willamette Country Music Festival, Idaho Potato Drop, Eagle Fun Days, USO Tours, Cal Jam 18, etc.

    Based In: Boise, Idaho

    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: Leatherman multi-tool, chest rig radio holder w/ storage pockets, and a huge stockpile of zip ties!

    Social Media Links and Bio:

    I’m a career logistics professional with proven leadership experience. I am blessed to have had a distinguished career serving as a Senior Logistics Manager in the United States Air Force. During my military service, I served across the globe in a number of high-pressure, “no fail” missions, including five combat deployments to austere locations throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hostile environments. It is thanks to these real-world experiences where I honed my problem solving skills in macro-logistics, leadership, and program management. After retiring from the military, I was lucky enough to get my foot in the door in various production & event opportunities, drawing from my skills, training, talents, and passion for mission success! Along the way, I’ve done a little bit of everything but have consistently sought out opportunities to learn and grow in cross-functional roles. I got my start in Production and Stage, then moved to Logistics & Operations (small to medium venues ~30K attendees), and have mostly been in Management roles in the last couple years. Other qualifications and experience include: Forklift qualified & ALL Heavy Equipment (Scissor-Lift, Boom, Cherry Picker, etc)… Production Assistant, Steward, Merchandise, Bar Service, VIP, Artist Hospitality, Admin, Credential Management… Event Planning (E.g. Anti-Terrorism Joint Planning Group)… Security Contract Oversight, Volunteer Coordinator (~400+ per event), Medical Aid (Combat Lifesaver Certified), Vendor Support, Contract development… I also have 5 years experience as an Audio Engineer (all analog, some digital), as well as three years experience as Lead Camera Operator for weekly TV Broadcast. I am a problem solver who is fully committed to ensuring success no matter the challenges or scope of the project! Finally, I believe firmly that PEOPLE will make or break an event. You can have the biggest budget, the best technology, and the most organized plans… but if you don’t hire the right people –and take care of those people, then you’re certain to produce an expensive disaster. I pride myself on recruiting top talent, developing a dynamic staff with diverse skills and experience levels, and then leading them to success as a dedicated TEAM! People are the greatest resource within our industry, and I will always go the extra mile to motivate, inspire, and praise my staff & colleagues alike. If you’re looking for someone to help elevate your project to the next level of professionalism and success, feel free to email me. I thrive under pressure and am hard-wired to consistently produce positive results! Just as I did when I proudly wore our nation’s battle uniform, I always give my all and I will never quit. Have passport and ready to travel! –Cheers!

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