• Emily Heffelfinger

    Emily Heffelfinger
    Stage Manager, Runner, Site Operations, Ticketing Manager, Yes
    Independent Contractor

    Obama Farewell Speech, Freaky Deaky, Summer Set Music Festival
    Chicago, IL
    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: utility knife, zip ties, cell phone charger

    My first experience working in live events started in High School running door at a small venue over a decade ago. I had chosen a path in college that fostered my passion for arts as well as technology completing a degree in New Media where I gained skills in video/audio production, programming, and material science. I am a handier female than most and strive to work in positions where I can use this skill set coupled with my enthusiasm for working with others on large projects for others to enjoy. I began working with local Chicago companies; React, Silver Wrapper, and Riot Fest transitioning to larger events and understanding all the different components that come together for guests to experience. I have developed ongoing relationships with these companies as well as CID Entertainment, Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Star Events, and more having the opportunity to fulfill roles in Ticketing, Transportation, Production, and Administration. While not traveling for work I assist with various duties at Bottom Lounge in Chicago and I am a regular LED operator at Concord Music Hall Chicago. I am driven to have opportunities to travel in the future while taking on more involved roles.

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