• Justin Hayes

    Justin Hayes
    Primary Roles: Site Manager, Fork Ops, Site Crew,

    Able to travel? Yes

    Company: Independent Contractor

    Reach out: justinhayes79@gmail.com

    Last Events Worked: Aftershock Music Festival, Life is Beautiful, Lockn

    Based In: Seattle, WA

    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: My leatherman, sunblock, and a good pair of sunglasses

    Social Media Links and Bio:

    I started doing site operations at Bonnaroo back in 2006. Since then I’ve worked a plethora of music festivals. I’m an excellent forklift operator. I work well under stress and seem to always have a smile even if it’s chaotic. In this business you have to always expect the unexpected, therefore you’re never surprised. Help with placements of trailers containers/mobile minis, porto’s and whatever else is needed. Give me an 8k reach lift, a solid chain and a 2″ strap. Skies the limit.

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