Creative / Signage Guide


Creative is sort of a catch-all term for the design and execution of all the theme, brand, and overall look and feel of an event. It’s important to involve the creative team early on so the vision of the client can be achieved or adjusted well before the event starts. Related to Creative is the design and execution of event signage – everything from picking out the font face and background color to the content, the size, and where the signs should be deployed.

The Creative Process

  • Determine creative plan – event logo / design, overall look and feel of the event
    • Coordinate with Marketing, IT, and any other affected department
  • Creative deliverables:  website, print ads, media, public maps, handouts / guides
    • Case Study: The Austin City Limits Music Festival Website
      • Easy to purchase tickets on any page
      • Easy to find schedules and maps
      • Interactive features such as build/share your own schedule
      • Listen to artists on any page
      • Responsive web design that automatically adapts to the device being used, be it a computer, tablet, or phone
      • Offering fresh / regularly updated content to keep visitors coming back
    • Print Ads – coordinating with Marketing
      • Creating the best designs given the goals of marketing
    • Media
      • If budget allows, creating TV spots
    • Public Maps
      • Creating maps to be printed as signage for the festival as well as part of a handout and on the website
      • Easy to read, colorful, in line with the festival’s overall theme
        An Example of Coachella’s Public Map
    • Handouts
      • Creating a handout – normally a tri-fold or similar, that has the following:
        • Festival Hours, Location
        • Schedule
          • Sometimes, if space allows, band profiles
        • Maps
        • Information on food / art vendors
        • Information on non-profits
        • Ads (optional)

Signage for Events and Festivals

  • Create a signage list culled from production, site, food/art/bar, VIP, security
    • Create deadlines for each department
    • Some festivals will have an online form for departments to put in their signage needs
    • Download a signage list template in .xls format 
  • Formulate a run of show signage team to organize and deploy all signage
    • Normally part of the site crew, this team can also be separate and focus only on signage
  • Decide which signs will be stored after the show vs. which will be recycled
      • When taking down the signs, have the team take care not to damage any grommets, zip tie holes, or anything else that would make the sign unusable for next year.
    Possibly the best sign we’ve ever seen.