• Jen Caruso

    Jen Caruso
    Festival Director, VIP & Elevated Experiences Management, Sponsorship, Sustainability Consultant, Decor Manager, Beverage Director, RFID Operations, Festival Consultant, Site Manager, Vendor Coordinator, Site Ops, Production Manager, Visual Design Manager, yes
    Caruso Presents, LLC

    Rockville, Epicenter, Bonnaroo, SXSW, Envision, Charleston Beer Fest, Summit DTLA, Coachella, Country Jam, Broccoli City Festival, Panorama, Outside Lands, High Water, Desert Trip, Life is Beautiful, Savannah // Charleston Wine & Food Festival
    San Diego
    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: My festival pack which holds my cart and forklift keys, zipties, sharpie, knife, chapstick, earplugs
    Website: http://www.carusopresents.com

    I have been building a career based on work that is fulfilling, enriching and exciting in the event industry. I help curate and execute experiences that are captivating and unique. I currently work contractually for a variety of organizations and enjoy the fast pace and experience I get with each client that appreciates hard work and dedication. I excel at logistics and finding opportunities in problems. I have a thirst for knowledge, adventure and creativity and a knack for turning chaos into calm. Qualifications: Event Ninja, Logistics Maven, Social media butterfly, Contract Coordinator, Budget Tamer, Sponsor Pleaser, Quality of life inspector, Detail handler, Festival Wrangler

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