• Tanya Kollar

    Tanya Kollar
    Food Vendor Curator, Food Vendor Coordinator, Food Program Manager, Culinary Operations, Culinary Stage Production, Artist Relations, Artist Liaison, Artist Transportation, Bartender, Yes
    Independent Contrator

    Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, BottleRock Napa Valley, Stagecoach, Sunset Campout, Dirtybird Campout, Coachella
    San Francisco, CA

    I’ve had a passion for food and music for as long a I can remember. When I moved to San Francisco in 2009, those passions developed into a life-changing career path. I primarily work as a food vendor coordinator at festivals all over the country, but I also dabble in artist relations. As a food vendor coordinator I can build a food program from the ground up, work to improve an existing program, or simply show up onsite and help manage the madness. I take pride in strong problem-solving abilities, excellent written and spoken communication skills, and a creative spirit that leads me to think outside the box. My favorite projects are those that allow me to assist up and coming festivals in creating a framework for their food vending program, but I am also happy to join up with an existing program to help make it the best it can be.

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