• Micah Cottingham

    Micah Cottingham
    Primary Roles: Site Ops, Artist relations, Management, Coordinator, Bartender, Runner, Stagehand

    Able to Travel? Yes

    Company: Independent Contrator

    Email: cottinghammicah@yahoo.com

    Recent Event Work: 1. Electric Forest 2. Camp Bisco 3. Bonnaroo

    Based in: Nashville, TN

    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: 1. Water Bottle 2. Sand Scarf 3. Knife

    Biography: Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have opportunities to develop skills in multiple facets of the festival and event community and look forward to continuing this journey of learning. I am self-employed full time, allowing me to live on the road and follow the work! I enjoy meeting new people along the way and being part of a team to build something bigger than myself. I’m no stranger to long hours, hard work, and problem solving – all while maintaining a calm demeanor. In the slow season, I run audio and bartend in Nashville and LA while continuing to pursue a music career.

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