• Lauren Gicas

    Lauren Gicas
    Site Manager, Logistics Manager, Sponsorship Operations, Marketing Materials Creator, VIP Coordinator, Yes
    Independent Contractor

    USA Science & Engineering Festival, Charleston Wine & Food Festival, Live Well Festival
    Charleston, SC
    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: Fanny pack, iphone, coffee

    With nearly 15 years of experience in the event planning industry, Lauren founded Coalesce Events in 2016, an event planning/consulting company with established resources to support weddings, conferences, galas, meetings, festivals and small social gatherings at every level. Over her 15-year career, Lauren has planned hundreds of events, large and small, from symposiums to workshops to small intimate dinners and weddings. She spent 7 years as Senior Director of the USA Science & Engineering Festival, the country’s largest science festival that brings in more than 350,000 people over 3 days. Lauren has handled celebrities during Festival events such as the Mythbusters, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mike Rowe, Danica McKellar, and many others. Other Coalesce clients include the NYC Wine & Food Festival, the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, and the Live Well Festival.

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