• Josh Hatton

    Josh Hatton
    FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Stage Manager, Production Manager, Yes
    Muscle Shoals Productions & an Independent Contractor
    (256) 661-0015
    Shoals Community Theater, Singing River, Broadcast Radio
    Muscle Shoals, Alabama

    Joshua (Josh) Hatton is a passionate Event Producer & Audio Engineer based in the “Hit Recording Capital of the World”…Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He was “bit by the bug” at age 14, where he began collecting audio equipment, and “experimenting” with the craft in various ways. In a future focus of becoming a Music Teacher, life made a sharp turn in a different direction. After losing his adopted father (grandfather) to a heart attack, and his birth mother to drug abuse, his life changed forever. Through grievance and depression of the sudden losses, he gained clear focus of what has always kept him strong… MUSIC. As they say, One thing always leads to another, and When one door closes another one opens. He formed and built a Production Company from the ground up all on his own, and opened the company in May of 2003. His tools, talents and techniques have morphed into ultimate passion for the live event industry. He has became a tasteful audio engineer, and has continued to grow his Production Management abilities along the way. He has been blessed to work with many legends and stars he grew up listening to, such as his all-time favorite Country Music group, Restless Heart. His work with this legendary band really fired him up for his work in the Entertainment industry and securing the future he is building for he and his family. This is where he feels he needs to be… Mixing and Producing Live Events. He would love to have your events grow with a little of his “Passion Fuel” in-effect for you!

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