• Joel Pryor

    Joel Pryor
    Primary Roles: Artist Relations Manager, Artist Relations Staff, Stage Coordinator, Stage Manager, Production Manager, Festival Project Manager, Site Ops, Talent Coordinator, Promoter Rep, Event Producer, Logistics Manager, Tour Management,

    Able to travel? Yes

    Company: Independent Contrator

    Reach out: joeltpryor@gmail.com

    Last Events Worked: Essence Music Festival, Shaky Knees, and Delfest

    Based In: Birmingham, AL

    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: My watch, communication devices, and my backpack.

    Social Media Links and Bio:

    Hi, I am Joel Pryor. I’ve got over 10 years in the business professionally but the first time I ever got to work a music festival, I was around 12 years old. My dad worked for a production company part time in Birmingham, AL. He basically told me on Friday afternoon that I was going to assist him help wrangle the talent the next day. I’d never been to a festival before that day. When I walked onto the stage and looked at the site as one for he bands was sound checking, I was bitten by the bug. I only wish that someone had told me then, that I could grow up to be in the music production business. My journey has been long but worth it. After college, I began my career in high end automobile sales. That 7 years actually helped to make me the man who I am in this business today more than any other business, that I’ve been associated with. Communication, problem solving, multi-tasking, and being able to think outside of the box were all skills that I honed during my time in the automobile business which are all skills that are vital to having a successful day on a show day. One of the skills that I value most of all and try to exceed the expectation of is professionalism. No matter the issue you should never let them see you sweat. Remember all problems have a solution, and the best thing that I know to do is find the most efficient answer available.

    One of the coolest things, that I’ve done in the business is securing a jet for an artist when all of the commercial flights had been cancelled and the band could not get to town. I told the tour manager that I could get them a jet. The TM didn’t believe me. The Reader’s Digest version of the story is that I started working on finding the jet at 11:15PM on a holiday Friday and by 3:00AM Saturday a jet had been secured along with pilot. Band landed at 8:30am and did their scheduled sound check at noon. All sound checks for the festival went as scheduled as well as a fantastic performance. At the end of the day, I believe in exceeding expectations. If it means being the first person onsite and the last person to leave then that is perfectly fine with me. My philosophy is to give 110 percent everyday. Cheers mate!

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