• Jeremy Denton

    Jeremy Denton
    Primary Roles: Site ops, Vendor Ops, Runner, Assistant to Stage Manager, Carpenter, Art Design & Install,

    Able to travel? Yes

    Company: Independent Contrator

    Reach out: jdography@gmail.com

    Last Events Worked: Forecastle, Electric Forrest, Bonnaroo, Coachella

    Based In: Nashville, TN

    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: Sunglasses, Multi-Tool, Sand Scarf (wished I could bring my dog)

    Social Media Links and Bio:

    Experienced in everything from being a patron and traveling to festivals all over to having the opportunity to further my career photographing artist on stages all over. When I am not shooting , I like to keep my hands busy. I love to travel and experience people from all walks of life. I find that you can learn a lot about people and areas by working with and around them. I grew up on a farm in East TN, so I have always been a bit of a “Jack of all trades”. I am not afraid to handle artists and cameras or sweat , drive heavy machinery, herd vendors, build sites, get inventive , climb a rig or just high five the closest patron or employee. I’ve been labeled as many things but mostly hard working and nice. I always appreciate the opportunity to learn knew things and flex old brain muscles to come up with ideas. I am not afraid to work in the mud or sun. I always have a backpack with extra socks, gold bond, granola bar, and extra bandanna. Hope to see you out there.

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