• Mollie Johnson

    Mollie Johnson
    Production Assistant, Stage Hand, Artist Relations, FOH Assistant , Yes
    Independent Contrator

    Voodoo Music and Arts Experience, Music Row Live CMA Radio Remote, NOLA Jazz Fest
    Nashville, TN
    Three Event Items I Cannot Live Without: Sunglasses, Dad Sandals, and my killer wit

    Mollie has been working in different facets of live event production for the last 4 years. Her dedication to festivals didn’t even dwindle after taking a train to Delaware to work a festival and ending up having to camp behind a gas station while waiting for a greyhound that never arrived. She has worked a total of 16 festivals and continues to have a passion to work in fast paced, people oriented environments. Mollie strives to bring positivity to every work environment she is in, while getting her tasks completed quickly and correctly! Mollie is also an avid songwriter based out of Nashville and in her free time enjoys taking bike rides, hanging near any body of water, and working on writing a sketch comedy show about a crotchety old mail man.

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